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Stay Strong Foundation

Stay Strong and live with dignity!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

Stay Strong Foundation is a non-governmental, community-driven group with a mission to support and realise immense talent of disabled artists. We work as a community group within the society, to connect various kind and forward-thinking people to the amazing artists. These artists are very special and full of talent.

How we started

Stay strong started with a YouTube channel (Stay-Strong), during the first lockdown of the pandemic. We started by preparing small videos of disabled artists and by finding inspiring stories around us. Main idea was to find positive stories and make everyone aware of it, so that we could stay strong during the pandemic. During this amazing journey we teamed up with some very strong and kind- hearted people who supported us for the initiative and suggested to take this further to next level. During our conversation and process to organise an online event ‘Aashayen’, we realise that there are great talented artists, who wants nothing but just respect, support, and ways to support themselves financially. This finding had led us to another thinking about some sustainable process where they can perform on various occasions, demonstrate their amazing skills and earn the respect that they deserve.

What we are trying

Now we have a bit more of an established process where many of our friends contact us to arrange a remote event which itself is unique. What we have been able to do since last more than a year, that we organise musical event at some charitable places such as orphanages, old age homes or places where patients with terminal illness are fighting with severe conditions (cancer, aids etc). This is to ensure that people who are somehow not in the mainstream of the society would get some opportunity to feel special. Our specially-abled artists (blind singers, disabled dancers etc), go to these special places for few hours and perform to entertain them. We have been able to get sponsors at least once in a month or two, where they happily fund these events to celebrate their special days. Please look in the events section to find more information about our events.